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Elements of Intimacy is a luxurious sensual body care system for the ultimate enhancement of self-pleasure or sensual bonding experience for couples. This three-part system uses Terre Oil Glide & Ocean Aqueous Slide charged with a CO2 cartridge to adorn naked skin in the sexiest of ways. Topped off with the direct, warm drizzle from the Body Candle Drip, this recipe will ignite flames of passion all night long.

This Aqueoussage solution comprised of the finest liquid gold drops of natural oils, organic butters and sensational slippery seaweeds from the depths of the ocean. This unique blend of ecstasy can serve as an effective full-body massage oil and all-natural lubricant in one. Whether you’re loving yourself or sharing this adventure with another, the combination of its healing elements and silky smooth gliding barrier will take your intimate experience into another realm.

This solution is completely non-toxic and safe for your entire body from head to toe, including the most intimate of areas. Although there is no smell or taste, it may be consumed, as it is a high-quality food-grade product. Best used in abundance, as there is no need to suppress your human instinctual desire for well-deserved pleasure.  It is intended to be used for sacred practices on one's own body for self-massage or for enjoying intimately with another. 

All Natural Elements...

The reason why its called Elements of Intimacy is because it is made from all 4 natural elements;

  • WATER:  Seaweed and distilled water
  • FIRE:  Activated charcoal and cotton wick candle flame
  • EARTH:  Coconut, grapeseed, sunflower & mango
  • AIR:  CO2 cartridge dispenser creates a foamy texture

Using ingredients from natural components; earth, water, fire and air, Elements of Intimacy captures these beautiful organic essences in a globally friendly blend, free from irritants and toxic ingredients commonly found in body products and commercial lubricants. 

Made with sensitivities in mind, these products are designed to enhance our human experiences with ourselves or with each other. Awaken your senses in ways you never knew existed. 

Elements of Intimacy products are made to make delicious sensual encounters even more decadent, similar to how precious herbs and spices would enhance the taste experience of a luxurious meal.  Dazzle the palette of your body, mind, heart and soul with breath-taking sensations. 


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How to Use the Elements of Intimacy System...


Shower to wash and exfoliate dead skin cells from the body and scalp to maximize sensory nerve stimulation. Pat dry with a towel.


Aqueoussage receiver should find a comfortable lying position on a protected bed, floor mat or air mattress. (Optimal environment: candle-lit, warm room with soft relaxing music with ocean waves playing quietly) 


Generously apply Terre Oil Glide to receiver’s minimally moist skin in a slow, rhythmic massaging motion. Follow the tempo of steady ocean waves to use giver’s hands, arms, thighs, breasts, hips or any other body part to rub Terre Oil Glide into receiver’s skin. 


Once both bodies are warmed up from initial body rub, prepare for body-to-body sliding. Shake Elements Dispenser vigorously to activate charged Ocean Aqueous Slide solution. Spray on giver’s body from neck to ankles in preparation for contact. Additional solution may be sprayed on the receiver’s body as well. In a slow, sensual manner, slide body up and down 


Melting at a much lower temperature than a traditional candle, the milky, liquid gloss can be used specifically for a local erogenous zone massaging stimulation or as an all over body rub. Use of this special cotton-wick candle can be used to illuminate the ambiance of your experience in addition to being used as an exhilarating lubrication.


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Introducing the Elements of Intimacy System

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